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Thunderbird 115 crashes

2024-05-29 stintel  1 minute read

Like many other people, I too started experiencing crashes since upgrading Thunderbird from 102 to 115. On my workstation and M2 MacBook Air, these crashes have become less frequent. However, on my old XPS13, which I'm still using because the Asahi kernel does not support DP-ALT mode on the M2 MacBook Air yet, Thunderbird would crash every time I tried to go to my companies' mailbox. Extremely annoying, and as it doesn't seem to produce core dumps, probably hard to debug.

While configuring my CalDAV accounts in Thunderbird on my new laptop, I ran into an issue. I have a few CalDAV accounts that are all on the same Zimbra server. Thunderbird only requested a login and password for the first account I added. It tried to open the next account I added with the credentials that were already stored for the first account, and that failed.

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