Thunderbird 115 crashes

2024-05-29 stintel  1 minute read

Like many other people, I too started experiencing crashes since upgrading Thunderbird from 102 to 115. On my workstation and M2 MacBook Air, these crashes have become less frequent. However, on my old XPS13, which I'm still using because the Asahi kernel does not support DP-ALT mode on the M2 MacBook Air yet, Thunderbird would crash every time I tried to go to my companies' mailbox. Extremely annoying, and as it doesn't seem to produce core dumps, probably hard to debug.

Compiling U-Boot for the BPI-F3

2024-05-19 stintel  8 minute read

Yesterday I picked up the Banana Pi BPI-F3 I ordered 2 weeks ago. It is joining the small army of RISC-V devices I already own:

  • Espressif ESP32-C3 (20x)
  • Espressif ESP32-C6 (20x)
  • SiFive HiFive Unmatched
  • StarFive VisionFive 2

After giving the Armbian Noble image a quick try and being unimpressed, I decided to try installing Gentoo on it. I'll be documenting the process here. The first step: compile U-Boot.

I guess better late than never...

So we've got a failover IP, and a nice trick to be able to get the same WAN IP on both our routers. If you do stateless packet filtering, this is actually enough, and your redundant setup is already finished. However, if you do stateful packet filtering, the moment the failover IP moves to the backup router, your connection will be dropped because it doesn't have any knowledge about it in its connection tracking table.

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