Some months ago, I ordered a Dommel SpeedConnect Plus connection. Since Dommel is using the network of the monopolist Belgacom in Belgium, I am forced to buy one specific type of VDSL2 router: Sagem F@st 3464. If you want to know why Belgacom forces this type of modem, you can find the report of the BIPT here, in English, Dutch or French.

Belgacom no longer uses theses modems for their own customers, but only resells them to ISP's using their xDSL network, so this is probably just a way for Belgacom to get rid of the Sagem's they still have in their stock. Now back to the modem/router... It arrived by mail, weeks before a technician would actually come over to connect my VDSL2 line. So, I opened the box, unpacked everything, gave it some juice and plugged my laptop into one of the LAN ports. After looking up the device IP, I opened the web interface of the router. While clicking through the various pages of the web interface, I notice few things:

  • The DHCP server logs look like ISC DHCP
  • Network interface naming and VLAN subinterfaces are identical to Linux
  • In the firewall configuration, remote administration part, they mention "Allowing remote administration to OpenRG is a security risk.", thus this software is definitely based on OpenRG, which in turn is based on Linux

The above is enough for me to prove that this device is running Linux. And so I wondered, if this device runs Linux right now, I might as well be able to run OpenWrt on it. Unfortunately, OpenWrt does not support this device (yet). So I started digging further... It seems to be based on a Ikanos Fusiv VX160 processor. In #OpenWrt, someone told me that it is able to run Linux, but that the sources are not publicly available. Fortunately, I bought this device, it's not included with my xDSL subscription, so AFAIK, because of the GPL, the manufacturer has to supply me with the source code as well. Since it is nowhere to be found on their website, I have contacted Sagem to request the source code. When I receive these sources, I'll pass them on to those who are interested. If you would like a copy of them, feel free to contact me through the contact form, or in #OpenWrt, nickname "stintel". I'll send them whenever they arrive :-) GPL baby!