Recently I got so tired of Windows, that I decided to throw it out completely. I stopped playing video games on my PC for about a year or so, since I bought a new Xbox 360 (the old one had a RROD, and was banned from Xbox Live anyway). So I installed Gentoo on my desktop, and with that, I  no longer use iTunes.

Well, iTunes sucked anyway, but I used it to synchronize my iPhone, and since all my music was in that library, I might as well just use iTunes for playing music... After installing Gentoo, I started looking for some music players for Gnome. Ended up with Rhythmbox, I guess because it is written in a real programming language rather than in some scripting language, or Mono :-) Don't get me wrong, I am not 100% happy with Rhythmbox, but I already got used to using a sucky audio player anyway ... So, having imported my music in Rhythmbox, I quickly noticed I was missing my ratings. Of course, those were kept in the iTunes library rather then in the audio file... So I started Googling, and quickly came across a tool to import my iTunes ratings into Rhythmbox: itunes-to-rhytmbox-ratings. So I downloaded it and started fiddling with it, but I quickly noticed it didn't work. Immediately thought of the different paths, so checked both the library files, and then ran sed on the iTunes library to have the correct paths in there. Tried the tool again, but still nothing. Fortunately, Google was my friend, and I stumbled upon this issue. Downloaded the modified version of the tool, ran it again, opened Rhytmbox, and saw all my iTunes rated tracks in the Rhythmbox favorites. Yay \o/ Thank you, hickswright, for this tool, and hervalfreire, for the fix ;-)