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oVirt problem with duplicate UUIDs

2013-03-01 stintel  2 minute read

When I first tried to add my two test nodes in the oVirt manager, this worked fine for the first node I added. However, when I tried to add the second node this always seems to fail. This is what I am seeing in /var/log/ovirt-engine/engine.log:

oVirt tools on Gentoo

2013-01-21 stintel  1 minute read

After getting my oVirt setup up and running, I wanted an easy way to open a Spice console to a VM on my Gentoo workstation. There are several ways to do this, as explained here. The easiest way is via the browser plugin, but I couldn't get that to compile yet. The next best option is using ovirt-shell, from the ovirt-engine-cli tools.

oVirt and CentOS 6

2013-01-21 stintel  2 minute read

Recently I have been playing around with oVirt. Since oVirt is included in Fedora 18, I tried it on F18 first. Unfortunately, these packages lack the web GUI. Since this is one of the things I wanted to test, these packages are useless to me. So I started digging around, and found the ovirt-dre repository.

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