Why nobody should use the uceprotect DNSBL


Today one of the mail servers I'm maintaining seems to be blacklisted in the uceprotect blacklist. I had never heard of them until now. And I must say, the guys at uceprotect really think they are the Gods of mail or something.

If you want to get yourself removed from this list, you either have to wait 7 days - given that your server's IP address doesn't connect to their trap again. Or, you could pay these sons of bitches 50€ (per IP!!!) to get unlisted immediately. This is totally unacceptable, who the hell do they think they are???

In addition to this complete non-sense, they mention on their page how you can find the reason for being blacklisted in your mail logs:

Grep the logs (last 8 days) on your server for following expression:



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