Samba + CUPS + printing from Windows machine

Recently I have been migrating a Samba PDC and BDC from RHEL 4 to SLES 10 SP1. Everything went pretty well, until I started configuring the printers on the new Samba servers.

I took over both the CUPS and Samba configs, but somehow this wasn't enough for the printers to work. Both the Oce 3165 printers always printed a "Logical error" page instead of the document(s) or test page sent to the printer. After some digging, it turned out I could fix the problem by adding one simple line to the Samba configuration file:

cups options = raw



Emerging mysql-gui-tools

Some time ago I tried "emerge mysql-gui-tools" on my Gentoo x86_64 box. Unfortunately, the compilation process failed because of some errors (will include the error in this post when I find the time to reproduce it).

Today, I'm preparing myself for MySQL DBA certification, and I really need the MySQL Administrator tool, so at first I downloaded the precompiled tar archive from the MySQL website, which worked without any problems.

Later on, I downloaded the MySQL Community server RPM for RHEL5, which I installed on my CentOS 5 virtual machine running in KVM. To have the same version of MySQL on my Gentoo box, I decided to "emerge mysql-community" rather then the "normal" mysql ebuild.



Apache 2.2 + LDAP authentication

Since Apache version 2.2, the LDAP authentication module is no longer called auth_ldap, but rather authnz_ldap. During a migration of an Apache 2.0 to Apache 2.2, I ran into some problems which caused a failure to start Apache.

It seems that the configuration directive AuthLDAPAuthoritative has been renamed to AuthzLDAPAuthoritative, so you will have to replace these in your Apache config(s) - "sed" is your friend.

After replacing every occurrence of "AuthLDAPAuthoritative" in the Apache configuration files, I was able to start Apache, but there still seemed to be another issue. Pointing my browser to any of the vhosts with LDAP authentication enabled returned an internal server error (500). The Apache error log showed this:




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