I2S audio on XPS13 with Linux 4.5

While upgrading the Linux kernel on my XPS13, I noticed that I could no longer find the option to enable the ASoC driver that is needed when the sound card is running in I2S mode. The symbol (SND_SOC_INTEL_BROADWELL_MACH) was still there, but it didn't show up at the expected location. I also had all dependencies enabled, so I was a bit surprised it didn't show up.

After looking again, I noticed this in the dependencies:




WOL broken after updating NetworkManager to 1.0.6

Some time ago I noticed that I could no longer boot a remote machine via Wake-on-LAN. This annoyed me quite a bit, as the machine was 2100km away and there was nobody at that location who could boot it for me. I really had no clue why it stopped working. So when I recently arrived at the location again, I started looking into it. Everything I had previously configured was still in place.

The BIOS option Power On by PCIE devices was enabled, and I still had this in /etc/local.d/wol.start:


ethtool -s eth0 wol g



Automatically unlock SSH keys at login with kwallet, kwallet-pam and ksshaskpass

 Since I hate typing passwords all the time, I looked for a way to automatically unlock my SSH keys at login. This guide focuses on KDE Plasma 5 and SDDM, but it should be easy to implement it for KDE Plasma 4 and other display managers as well.

1. Start ssh-agent during login. This can be done in /etc/plasma/startup/

2. Install and enable the kwallet PAM module to automatically unlock your KDE wallet during login.



Polkit requesting root password to suspend after updating from version 0.112 to 0.113

A few days ago, polkit version 0.113 was marked stable on Gentoo amd64. Since the update, I could no longer suspend my system without entering the root password. Quite annoying, especially for a laptop.

When canceling the polkit dialog, this appeared in the journal (yes, I am using systemd):




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