iTunes ratings to Rhythmbox

Recently I got so tired of Windows, that I decided to throw it out completely. I stopped playing video games on my PC for about a year or so, since I bought a new Xbox 360 (the old one had a RROD, and was banned from Xbox Live anyway).

So I installed Gentoo on my desktop, and with that, I  no longer use iTunes.  Well, iTunes sucked anyway, but I used it to synchronize my iPhone, and since all my music was in that library, I might as well just use iTunes for playing music...



Gentoo gnome-light

I have always had a problem with Evolution being installed when emerging gnome on my Gentoo system. Even with "-evo -eds" use flags, it still wanted Evolution.

Evolution is a BIG piece of CRAP, and I don't want it anywhere on my system. So I edited the gnome-base/gnome ebuild, and made all evolution stuff dependant on the "evo" or "eds" use flags, which worked fine.

However, I wanted to know why I can't have Gnome without Evolution, and I started asking around... Turns out that you can emerge gnome-light .... Sweet ;-)



Emerging mysql-gui-tools

Some time ago I tried "emerge mysql-gui-tools" on my Gentoo x86_64 box. Unfortunately, the compilation process failed because of some errors (will include the error in this post when I find the time to reproduce it).

Today, I'm preparing myself for MySQL DBA certification, and I really need the MySQL Administrator tool, so at first I downloaded the precompiled tar archive from the MySQL website, which worked without any problems.

Later on, I downloaded the MySQL Community server RPM for RHEL5, which I installed on my CentOS 5 virtual machine running in KVM. To have the same version of MySQL on my Gentoo box, I decided to "emerge mysql-community" rather then the "normal" mysql ebuild.




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