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Gentoo gnome-light

I have always had a problem with Evolution being installed when emerging gnome on my Gentoo system. Even with "-evo -eds" use flags, it still wanted Evolution.

Evolution is a BIG piece of CRAP, and I don't want it anywhere on my system. So I edited the gnome-base/gnome ebuild, and made all evolution stuff dependant on the "evo" or "eds" use flags, which worked fine.

However, I wanted to know why I can't have Gnome without Evolution, and I started asking around... Turns out that you can emerge gnome-light .... Sweet ;-)



Dell BIOS update in Linux

Because I always forget ...

To update your Dell BIOS in Linux, download the .exe BIOS file from the Dell website. Extract the HDR file with "wine D630_A15.EXE -writehdrfile". This will extract a file D630_A15.hdr.

When you have this HDR file, run the dellBiosUpdate utility that comes with Dell's libsmbios:

dellBiosUpdate -u -f D630_A15.hdr

Afterwards, reboot your machine, and the BIOS will be updated.




Non-English comments

Dear readers of my blog, this post is in reply to some comments that I did not approve...

As you might have noticed I write all my posts in English, although English isn't my native language. I do this because I think everybody in the IT world should know English ... For the same reason, there will not be multi-language support on this blog, nor will I accept non-English comments.

Thanks for your understanding.

Wordpress app for iPhone

Monday I upgraded my iPhone to the 2.0 firmware, so now I can use apps from the App Store. Fancy and all ;-)

So, I was browsing through the available applications, when I found the WordPress app. Installed it (it's free), and started writing this post.

Nice app, now I can blog anytime, anywhere. Hehe :-)



SSH authentication failure with PuTTY

Today I experienced a rather strange problem with SSH authentication.

Someone in the company where I am working today, requested a password change for his account on some machine. Because the account is used by different persons, I asked him to give me the original password. Of course I first tested the username and password combination myself, and I was actually able to login with it.

There appeared nothing in syslog about an authentication failure whenever he tried to login from his laptop, so at first I thought there was something wrong with DNS, or his hosts file.


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