Native monitor resolution in Windows on KVM

2008-02-27 stintel  1 minute read

I just installed a fresh WinXP virtual host on kvm on my Gentoo system. It didn't allow me to use the maximum resolution that my monitor supports (1440x900). So I started reading the kvm manual page, and found the --std-vga option. After restarting my WinXP machine with this option, Windows was unable to find a driver for the graphics card. Too bad ...

SLES10 LDAP authentication

2008-02-18  1 minute read

Today I was working on a server running SLES10 with LDAP authentication enabled. I tried to add a local user account with home directory /dev/null, but useradd complained that this was an invalid directory. So I manually edited /etc/passwd and changed the home directory.

SLES10 and pure-uploadscript

2008-02-13 stintel  1 minute read

Today I needed to enable the pure-uploadscript functionality in pure-ftpd on a SLES 10 server. According to the spec file, the pure-ftpd RPM has been built with the --enable-uploadscript option, so no need to start rebuilding anything.

SLES10 and Xvfb

2008-02-20  1 minute read

Recently I needed to run an application that needs X on a server running SLES10. Because it wasn't necessary to have the application output anything on a screen, the X virtual framebuffer was sufficient to accomplish this. You can easily install the X virtual framebuffer, which comes with the xvfb package in SLES10. yast -i xorg-x11-Xvfb xorg-x11

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